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RadoNorm 2nd annual meeting (5-7 October 2022, Munich, Germany)2022-06-15T10:52:10+00:00

RadoNorm project under EURATOM Horizon 2020 aims at managing risk from radon and NORM exposure situations to assure effective radiation protection based on improved scientific evidence and social considerations. RadoNorm 2nd  annual meeting will be held in Munich from 5 to 7 October 2022.

European Radiation Protection Week 2022 (9-14 October 2022, Estoril, Portugal)2022-06-15T10:51:44+00:00

ERPW 2022 will be a major gathering of experts, addressing burning and emerging topics and multidisciplinary issues in Radiation Protection, at times when integration and harmonization of radiation protection and the effective implementation of a European Radiation Research Area are at stake. ERPW2022 will take place in Estoril (Portugal).

The European research platforms are closely involved in the organisation of the event, together with the international organisations and institutions. Deadline for abstract submission was 31st May 2022.


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