Most SHARE members know Ted Lazo, who has greatly contributed to SHARE and has been involved in RICOMET conferences since the start. This is a message from Ted (you know his great sense of humour!!) to invite SHARE members to his 65th birthday concert.

As most of you know I have been an RP expert – a Radiological Protection expert – for over 30 years. Now I have become an RP again, in this case meaning I am a Retired Person! And I’m happy to report that life, which was already good when I was working, is getting better every day. The only disappointing news is that I am STILL looking for a venue to open my music bar, Rhythm&Brews-Paris.

But in the mean time, to begin getting into the spirit of such things, I will be celebrating my 65th birthday by giving the first, live internet Concert from the CaveOld-Man Rock 2021! My wife Corinne will be accompanying me, singing harmonies and playing piano. I have a sort of music studio set up in the section of the building’s basement that came with the apartment, and in France this is called the Cave. After chasing out the vampires, zombies, rats, etc. it’s really quite cozy! You’ll see!

As incentive to listen in, I can say that given my singing and guitar playing abilities, turning up the volume will be very effective at keeping stray cats from getting anywhere near your backyard barbecue.

To tune in, please use the following link: This will take you to a FaceBook page about the concert, and on which you should find the live feed. Note that if the IT gremlins are with us you should NOT need to be on FaceBook to access this page or to see this live feed. Also note that the live feed will begin only about 15 minutes before the below-scheduled starting time, so don’t worry if I’m not there when you are. And finally, please feel free to pass this link on to any deaf friends or dear enemies you wish to inflict, I mean grace, with this event!

Date: 22 April 2021 – My Birthday AND Earth Day (I was first!)

Time:       19:00 Paris Time

18:00 UK Time

13:00 US East Coast Time

03:00 Tokyo Time (the next day)

Note that because some of you may wish to view the concert later (for example, from the comfort of the hospital bed you found yourself in after the concert provoked a stroke), it will be recorded and posted on the above-listed web page.

I am very much looking forward to giving this concert, and to not COMPLETELY muffing up each song! Thanks in advance for your patience – bring earplugs just in case!.