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SHARE organises workshops, conferences and webinars on different topics of interest to the research community on social sciences and humanities.

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SHARE organises the RICOMET annual conference on social sciences and humanities in ionising radiation research
December 2021

Critical observations from the UN Glasgow Climate Change Conference and the place of nuclear in the discussion

The presentations from Gaston Meskens and Joost de Moor
October 2021

Considerations about offshore release of Fukushima Daiichi treated cooling water(organised jointly with NERIS research platform).

Webinar organised by NERIS, SHARE and ALLIANCE with the following speakers: Mr. Christophe Xerri, IAEA Ms. Yuki Tanabe, Nuclear Accident Response Office, Japan Dr. Thierry Schneider, ICRP, CEPN, France Prof. Jordi Vives i Batlle, SCK CEN, Belgium Mr. Azby Brown, SAFECAST, Japan Prof. Deborah Oughton, CERAD/NMBU, Norway Moderator: Joke Kenens (SCK CEN and KU Leuven)
April and May 2020
  1. Lessons we are learning from the COVID-19 pandemic for radiological risk communication (hosted by the Norwegian University of Life Sciences)
  2. Balancing action and longer term outcomes during a time of crisis
  3. Key challenges for managing a transition phase: lessons from Chernobyl and Fukushima accidents (organised jointly with NERIS research platform).
A series of three webinars #SHAREwebinar were organised on different topics related to radiological risk communication, which have allowed high level experts to reflect on similarities and differences with the covid-19 pandemic