Available COVID-19 related WEBINAR online

The webinar is available here.

The ultimate goals of the transition phase of any emergency management activity are to restore social and economic activity in the affected areas to whatever extent possible, as well as to mitigate the impacts of the emergency and transition on the population, infrastructure and the environment. These goals present significant challenges not only to affected populations, but also to the organisations responsible for the emergency management and recovery activities in countries directly or indirectly affected by the event.

The SHARE and NERIS research platforms hosted a 90-minute webinar to reflect on the lessons from Chernobyl and Fukushima on ‘the transition phase’. The aim of the webinar was to draw together insights from a variety of top experts on transition phase activity in nuclear or radiological emergency situations and reflect on relationships to the Covid-19 context.

The following experts from the SHARE and NERIS platforms offered their perspectives on different aspects of the transition phase:

Dr. Thierry Schneider, Nuclear Protection Evaluation Centre (CEPN), France
– Addressing the meaning and criteria of the transition phase
Mr. Toshimitsu Homma, Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA), Japan
– Lessons learned from what has been done in Japan following the Fukushima Daiichi accident
Prof. Elisabeth Cardis, Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal), Spain
– Addressing health surveillance including some elements of the COVID-19 situation
Prof. Jacques Lochard, Nagasaki University, Japan
– Addressing ethical issues
Dr. Edward Lazo, Nuclear Energy Agency (OECD/NEA), France
– Addressing stakeholder involvement issues
Dr. Catrinel Turcanu, Belgian Nuclear Research Centre (SCK CEN), Belgium
– Decision making processes and uncertainty in the transition phase
Dr. Ciara McMahon, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Ireland
– Addressing preparedness for post-accident contexts from an authority’s point of view

Closing remarks by Prof. Susan Molyneux-Hodgson, SHARE President and Prof. Deborah Oughton, NERIS representative

Moderator: Ferdiana Hoti, PhD candidate, University of Antwerp and SCK CEN, Belgium