With the perspective to establish and endorse an umbrella European Radiation Protection Research Association, European radiation protection platforms (MELODI an association of European institutes committed to low dose risk research, ALLIANCE, addressing research on radioecology, NERIS, on nuclear and radiological emergency preparedness and response, EURAMED on medical radiation, EURADOS, the European Dosimetry Group and SHARE) decided to formalise their cooperation. The objective is to promote the integration and the efficiency of European R&D in radiation protection to better protect humans (public, patients and workers) and the environment, to advance scientific excellence, to develop and implement the joint R&D roadmap, to encourage scientific education and training and foster key research infrastructure in the field of radiation protection, to further international collaboration and collaboration with sister organisations and networks in a non-exclusive manner by open interaction with the wider research community and stakeholders.

The SHARE president and the SHARE board actively participate in ongoing discussions and in formalising a Memorandum of understanding for an integrative approach to European Radiation Protection research.

We invite you to send your comments to the final draft of the memorandum which is available via the SHARE secretariat (share@ssh-share.eu). The comments should be collected by 15th December 2019.