The RICOMET 2022 programme opened with a session dedicated to the position of nuclear facilities in armed conflict. Few could have anticipated the need for such a discussion at the start of 2022. It is apparent that the war in Ukraine presents our community with research and policy challenges that must be urgently addressed. Questions need to be raised on the legal frameworks and the basis of governance that have not been sufficient to assure safety and security and we call on relevant bodies, particularly IAEA and European institutions, to take urgent action to address these challenges, as they are essential to the protection of nuclear facilities, the safety of the public and the protection of the environment.

We commit to supporting the rebuilding of the Social Science and Humanities research community in affected States, first of all in Ukraine. We emphasise the need for collaboration across social science, ethics and law and with wider sciences, to address the many urgent questions, given the interconnections between scientific, economic, social and political dimensions in times of war as well as peace.