RICOMET2020 webinars

SHARE co-organises the international conference RICOMET2020 on social sciences and humanities in ionising radiation. Four RICOMET sessions have been recorded and are available on-line. 

  1. Holistic approaches to decision making in environmental remediation projects, organised in co-operation with IAEA-ENVIRONET MAESTRI project, ENA and SHARE.
  2. Radon air pollution: communication and protective behaviour, co-organised by ERA, IAEA, RadoNorm project and SHARE 
  3. Societal aspects and marketing challenges of NORM in building products, co-organised by SHARE, ENA and RadoNorm project.
  4. Expert consultation on investigating the potential of citizen science for effective radon measurement and mitigation, co-organised by SHARE, RadoNorm project and IAEA.