The next General Assembly will be held in Athens in September 2020 (dates to be confirmed)
The SHARE founding members have interacted with the technical platforms and SHARE will continue to do so in order to:
  1. promote and organise dialogues with members of all relevant platforms and other stakeholders (e.g. technical professionals, governmental authorities, regulatory bodies, etc.);
  1. develop mechanisms for feedback on the SRAs of technical platforms at regular intervals;
  1. support establishment of reciprocal arrangements for members of the SSH and the technical platforms to engage in the events and activity of platforms.
  1. foster inclusive governance and comprise membership from relevant stakeholders (technical actors, NGOs, public sector).

From the point of establishment, and building up over time, SHARE will:

  • cohere a European network of SSH related researchers and organisations working in areas relating to the domain of ionizing radiation;
  • build capacity for SSH research relating to all fields relating to ionising radiation;
  • bring together SSH researchers with researchers in technical domains, policy bodies etc. to develop strategies to address societal concerns and needs related to ionising radiation;
  • formulate and subsequently implement an SSH SRA for ionizing radiation research in Europe;
  • instigate dialogues with key European bodies such as H2020, Euratom, technical associations;
  • host dialogues with stakeholder groups;
  • promote opportunities for international collaboration and seek funding opportunities for members;
  • maintain, improve and share SSH expertise and experience among all interested stakeholders in Europe;
  • provide a forum for SSH theoretical and methodological developments and promote opportunities to apply these developments;
  • attend to existing as well as new and emerging challenges related to SSH research relating to ionizing radiation;
  • offer advice on the integration of social sciences and humanities in to the SRA’s, projects and activities of other relevant European platforms and projects;
  • improve the awareness and understanding of societal issues and concerns related to ionizing radiation and its applications, among all stakeholders;
  • put forward advice to policymakers and other organisations in all fields of ionizing radiation.