Are you a social science researcher who values societal impact?

Our “Nuclear Science and Technology Studies” research group (NST) is hiring an  early  career researcher in the field of social sciences. This is an excellent opportunity to become part of a multidisciplinary team with unique expertise. We play a leading role in several national and international research projects that address social and ethical aspects of nuclear technologies with the aim of improving the governance of ionising radiation risks.

SCK CEN with Nuclear Science and Technology study group is a consortium partner of the European project entitled RadoNorm ( which focuses on technical and societal aspects in management of radon and Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM).
Indoor air pollutant radon is a leading cause of lung cancer after smoking. Lung cancer due to radon is considered preventable through indoor radon testing and mitigation of a dwelling if necessary. Unfortunately, indoor radon testing and mitigation rates remain low despite the increasing number of interventions by European and national authorities. Citizen science (CS) initiatives, the process whereby citizens are involved in science as researchers, have the potential to contribute to the implementation of radon interventions. The European RadoNorm project includes the following task “Establishment of a citizen science incubator for radon priority areas and establishment of a network of citizen science projects to address radon testing and mitigation”. This task will provide the model and support for interested citizen groups, local communities and regions in citizen science projects in the field of radon. An open call for CS initiatives will close in February and a number of CS projects will be selected which will take part in the citizen science incubator and in the mentioned network. The focus of the early career researcher will be to provide support to these CS initiatives within the RadoNorm project.

The Early Career Researcher will:
1) support the selected citizen science projects in establishing sustainable citizen science initiatives;
2) develop a method to evaluate the process and outcomes of the RadoNorm citizen science projects;
3) conduct research on whether and how citizen science can enable radon mitigation actions ;
4) develop recommendations together with RadoNorm stakeholders for empowering citizen science initiatives related to radon.

To join this frontier, you’ll need

  • A PhD in social sciences (e.g. sociology, STS, anthropology, political science, environmental science)
  • Experience related to citizen science or grassroots participation in science and technology
  • Experience in ethnographic studies, semi-structured interviews or other qualitative methods.
  • Excellent coordination skills
  • Excellent reporting skills
  • Good written and oral communication skills
  • Interest and ability to work in a multidisciplinary team.
  • English proficiency

Nice to have:

  • Experiences in transdisciplinary projects
  • Knowledge of other EU languages


Apply now:

An-Sofie Craninx