Note from the President

SHARE members at the launch of the SHARE platform in 2019 in Barcelona, Spain
The European Platform for Social Sciences and Humanities in Ionising Radiation Research (SHARE) responds to a growing awareness that the input of Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) to research and innovation in the field of ionising radiation applications has not been systematic. The absence of SSH research reduces the capacity for society to act in effective and meaningful ways.
We know that insufficient integration of social sciences and humanities research in technical projects can lead to unintended consequences, unresolved risk management challenges and conflicts in wider society regarding radiation protection issues and more. Multiple societal challenges remain to be addressed, for example, low engagement with processes related to radioactive waste management; high or low risk perceptions of certain uses of ionising radiation; gaps between emergency management plans and practice; safety and security challenges, especially as recently witnessed in conflict situations; and the need to transform ethical approaches to applications in the medical field during a period of digitalisation.
SHARE was established in 2019 with the aim to consolidate an EU-wide SSH research and innovation community to address knowledge needs in the field of radiation protection and beyond. SHARE aims to support EU and national authorities and to ensure progress with new knowledge, innovative methods and technologies and skills to address current knowledge gaps, societal concerns and emerging issues. SHARE currently has 37 members and increased interest from around the globe. SHARE is a core member of the MEENAS umbrella group of European radiation protection platforms and is integrated to the new PIANOFORTE action which will transform research and innovation in the field of radiological protection in the coming years. SHARE members will also soon begin the innovation action ECOSENS, devoted to economic and societal considerations for the future of nuclear energy in society.
Prof. Susan Molyneux-Hodgson

Welcome to our recent members

  • Irena Chatzis, communication officer at the IAEA since September 2016. For the last 15 years, she has worked as communication, executive and legal assistant as well as principal secretary for the DG at the IAEA.
  • Louise Elstow, PhD student at Lancaster University on “The social use of scientific information in contamination emergencies: an STS approach”. She is emergency management specialist and Director and Principle Consultant at Fynbos Consulting Limited.
  • Rui Gaspar, coordinator of the Degree in Psychology since February 2020 and of the post-grad course in Public Health Communication since February 2019 at Universidade Católica Portuguesa. He is the President of the Society for Risk Analysis – Europe (SRA-E).

Successful RICOMET2022

RICOMET Conference on Social Sciences and Humanities in Ionising Radiation Research was organised this year in parallel with NORM X sessions from 10-12 May 2022 in Utrecht, the Netherlands. RICOMET 2022 was the first face-to-face conference we have had since 2019 and it was great to meet all our brilliant colleagues in person, familiar and new!
This year at RICOMET we introduced the SHARE awards that were given to the most outstanding Social Science and Humanities researchers of the conference under three categories: Methodological approach, Societal impact and Development of theoretical framework. Our congratulations to Sofie Apers (in the middle), Joke Kenens (on the right) and Louise Elstow (on the left).

General Assembly & upcoming workshops

4th General Assembly of the SHARE Platform will be held online on September 8th 2022 from 14:00 to 16:00 (CET), and will cover the following topics:
  • Review of SHARE activities and way forward (working group SRA, communication team, ethics working group, RICOMET 2022 and plans for RICOMET 2023)
  • Approval of the financial report
  • Comments from other RP platforms
An informal gathering of SHARE members will be organised on Tuesday 11 October during the European Radiation Protection Week to begin planning SHARE involvement in PIANOFORTE.

Featured project

PIANOFORTE – European Partnership for Radiation Protection Research – will contribute to improving the protection of the public, workers, patients and the environment from environmental, occupational and medical exposure to ionising radiation.
  • Coordinator: French Institute for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN)
  • Partners: 48
  • Duration: 2022-2027
  • EC contribution of 46 M €
  • Three calls for proposals, open to the entire European research community for radiation protection, will be organised between 2023 and 2025.

Recent publications

If your publication is missing, share it with us at your earliest convenience!!
Andreoletti, M., Chiffi, D., & Taebi, B. (2022). Introduction: Severe Uncertainty in Science, Medicine, and Technology. Perspectives on Science, 30(2), 201-209. doi:10.1162/posc_e_00411
Read article
Bockhold, S., Foley, S.J., Rainford, L.A. et al. Exploring the translational challenge for medical applications of ionising radiation and corresponding radiation protection research. J Transl Med 20, 137 (2022).
Read article
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Read article
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Read article
Glesner, C., Geysmans, R., & Turcanu, C. (2022). Two sides of the same coin? Exploring the relation between safety and security in high-risk organizations. Journal of Safety Research. doi:
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Read article
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Read article
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Read article
Mc Laughlin JP, Gutierrez-Villanueva J-L, Perko T. Suggestions for Improvements in National Radon Control Strategies of Member States Which Were Developed as a Requirement of EU Directive 2013/59 EURATOM. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 2022; 19(7):3805.
Read article
Turcanu, C., Perko, T., Muric, M., Popic, J. M., Geysmans, R., & Železnik, N. (2022). Societal aspects of NORM: An overlooked research field. J Environ Radioact, 244-245, 106827. doi:10.1016/j.jenvrad.2022.106827
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van de Poel I, Taebi B. Value Change in Energy Systems. Science, Technology, & Human Values. 2022;47(3):371-379. doi:10.1177/01622439211069526
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Read article

Upcoming Events

8 September 2022
SHARE General Assembly (on-line)
11-14 September 2022
Fifth International Symposium on Ethics of Environmental Health, Budweis, Czech Republic
9-14 October 2022
European Radiation Protection Week 2022, Estoril, Portugal

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