With great pleasure we share with you the recent success of our SHARE early career scientist, PhD student Ferdiana Hoti. Ferdiana participated in a science communication event called ‘Science Slam’ in Hamburg, Germany. She presented her PhD topic there (collaboration between SHARE members SCK•CEN, University of Antwerp and the CONFIDENCE project) and got the second place in the competition, after being the second ‘slammer’ with the most votes. The first place went to a Post-doc researcher undertaking his studies at NASA.

Science slam is a science communication format where young scientists explain their research projects in short 10-minute-talks that are easy to follow and afterwards the audience gets to vote (with numbered cards). It is held in different cities in Germany and it usually has an audience of 400-500 members. By explaining their PhD/Postdoc research in an understandable, entertaining and concise way, the ‘science slammers’ make an important contribution to science communication.

Ferdiana is doing her PhD at SCK•CEN, the University of Antwerp and partly in a context of the CONFIDENCE project. The PhD research is related to uncertainty communication in radiological risk situations. The last two months she has been in Germany as a visiting researcher at the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS). IASS is in the process of becoming a member of SHARE as well.

You can now watch Ferdiana’s Science Slam presentation here.

Ferdiana Hoti is a representative of early career researchers in organisation of RICOMET 2020 and maybe we can encourage her to bring this format to our RICOMET conferences too.