Individual radiation protection platforms, including SHARE, have brought together European scientists and consolidated their research strategies. However, a joint roadmap integrating common research interests shared by the platforms in response to global societal needs is being developed. The key aim is to provide answers to open questions related to the exposure of humans and the environment, the reduction of uncertainties in risk assessment and the provision of sound, applicable solutions for risk reduction where needed. Proposed solutions will have to be practicable and widely accepted by the scientific community and the public. The implementation of the Joint Roadmap is expected to have direct and widespread impact on radiation protection in Europe. In particular, the research foreseen, and the derived recommendations, will promote consolidated, harmonised and robust decision making in the field of radiation protection throughout Europe and beyond.

We invite you to send your comments to the draft roadmap by 15th December 2019.
The document is available via the SHARE secretariat (