Available COVID-19 related WEBINARS online

During a lock-down, SHARE has been active and reflected on the lessons from radiation protection, emergencies in Chernobyl and Fukushima and drawn insights from a variety of top experts on radiation protection and nuclear or radiological emergency situations. In all SHARE webinars experts have reflected on the relationships between radiological communication and the Covid-19 context. Check this section on our website to see all recorded SHARE webinars.

With more than 550 registered participants in the first webinar, more than 250 registered during the second webinar and more than 350 registered participants during the third webinar, these SHARE webinars were clearly a topic of interest. We received a lot of positive feedback from different institutions and participants, as well as questions that remain open.

SHARE is now preparing for other web events as part of the Pre-RICOMET from 1st to 3rd of September 2020. Among others, one of the topics of these web events will be dedicated to the recovery and remediation phase. Check our Pre-RICOMET internet page.